To help advance the science of mental, emotional, and social well-being for the benefit of individuals, society, and the world.


The Cognitive and Affective Science Lab (CASL) uses 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-person approaches to help advance scientific understanding of mental, emotional, and social well-being. Relying on a range of methods, from neuroscientific measures to smartphone-based surveys, CASL research focuses on questions at the intersections of mind and brain; meditation and action; and self and other. Through engaging a contemplative approach to the research process, CASL provides training opportunities for students, community members, and a next generation of contemplative scientists.


Our values, which together form the acronym CORE, reflect central elements of our contemplative research approach to fulfilling our vision and mission. Although the words that comprise CORE are familiar, each description intentionally extends the word's familiar meaning to better fit our contemplative research approach.

  • Co-creative: When we allow ourselves to be informed and inspired by diverse perspectives, what we create has more value. 

  • Open-minded: When we meet new ideas and experience with a mind open to change, we can go beyond what we think.

  • Rigorous: The opportunity to train our minds is present when we lean into the next moment with awareness.

  • Energizing: Working toward something bigger than ourselves can spark our vitality rather than burn us out.